Marine and Shoreline Beautification

Delivery Model:

Design-Bid-Build (DBB)


3.9 Million

Year Complete:


Scope of Work

Pier 8 revetment and Pier 7 shoreline reconstruction and transient docks on Discovery Drive in the City of Hamilton. Major works included the installation of 138 lineal metres of steel sheet piles in water. To maintain the aesthetic integrity of the harbourfront the sheet piles were installed in a curved fashion to match the existing shoreline. Additional works included the construction of Public Park features, boardwalks, floating docks, landscaping, and other associated works. Pier 8 specifically is designated for high intensity recreation uses and is termed a major activity area with commercial, residential, and recreational uses intermingled. The Pier 7 and 8 Shoreline Improvements project is a part of the ongoing redesign of the West Harbour Waterfront. This project illustrates our familiarity with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.