At Facca Incorporated, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) planning is integrated throughout a project lifecycle including project bidding, project start-up, and scheduling. This is to allow a maximum level of proactive safety and environmental protection which also results in higher efficiencies and productivity.

We consider Health, Safety and the Environment to be an integral part of our business. We strive to engage all parties to continuously improve our HSE management systems and performance. We seek innovative solutions with the intent to ensure and protect the Health & Safety of our employees, clients and the public on all our project sites. We are dedicated to minimizing adverse effects our activities may have on the environment and are committed to using best management practices as well as past experiences to fulfill our environmental responsibility within all aspects of our operations and promote sustainable development in our communities.

At Facca, we realize every site is different and that a one size fits all approach is insufficient. Site-specific Health, Safety & Environmental Plans are developed in accordance with our HSE Management System to ensure the protection of our worker’s while providing the utmost care and respect for the surrounding environment.

Our ongoing commitment to Health, Safety & the Environment has cultivated a culture that has earned the trust and respect of our employees. It is our mission to educate, train, and motivate our employees to perform work activities in a safe and healthy manner. We are COR Certified and proven leaders and mentors in the construction industry, where we lead by example.