City of Windsor


Heavy Civil

Delivery Model:

Design-Bid-Build (DBB)


6.2 Million

Year Complete:


Scope of Work

This project involved the construction of reinforced concrete interceptor chambers around existing combined storm/sanitary sewer lines for the purpose of diverting storm overflow to a newly built retention basin. Chambers had an approximately 81 square meter footprint and were 4 meters in height. The chambers were built around both live sewer lines (requiring live diversions) as well as overflow lines. Mechanical, electrical and mass concrete benching work was completed in each chamber. Existing sewer lines, up to 1.8m in diameter, were brick and mortar as well as precast concrete. Excavation cofferdams and diversions for existing constant flow and overflow were built using steel sheet piling; in historically sensitive areas soldier piles and timber lagging.

Due to the raw sewage element, all workers potentially exposed to the live sewer lines were properly trained and sent for vaccinations prior to entering. Scheduling was very important on this project due to the coordination of several crews and delivery of major pieces of equipment to site. Additionally, the Windsor Riverfront is a tourist attraction where several events take place throughout the summer months therefore construction had to be coordinated with such major events as well as site safety and security to be adjusted accordingly.